punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Brain droppings

There have been MANY times I have had some odd thoughts I want to share, but they make poor one-liner blog posts with no purpose. Finally, after getting a ton of recommendations from various people, I am trying out Twitter.


I wouldn't recommend that you subscribe for instant updates, unless you want my sporadic "gee whiz" thoughts throughout the day. But you don't have to do anything if you read this blog because thanks to Loudtwitter, I am posting a cumulation every day in my blog.

In other news, I was at aksident and stodgyspike's combined birthday party yesterday, and I had a great time, despite being paged constantly about how hot my data center is, and what machines are overheating. Not much I could do, they had building maintenance working on it.
Tags: heares, twitter
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