punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Stalking Punkie's Thoughts

My latest brain droppings
  • 09:13 My asthma. It hurts. #
  • 09:21 Why do my cats insist on coming into my den when I scream "OUT!" at them when they do. It's like they keep thinking they can sneak in. #
  • 09:22 I think the Gemini Croquette contest to win a trip Fhloston's Paradise was fixed. That Corbin Dallas dude who won it is a dud. #
  • 10:42 The St. Anthony medals work; this spooks me. The Pookas are happy and have given me a plethora of items that have been missing for years. #
  • 11:40 I find the motion of opening a closing a butterfly knife soothing; it amazes me I still remember how to do it since I last had one in 1991. #
  • 12:43 If you pre-registered for Katsucon 9, and wondered what happened to all that personal info... It has just been shredded. Worry no more. #
  • 15:08 Why does my XP Pro crash when I try to play a sound while in another RDP session? Because it hates me, that's why. #
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