punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My den move... continues

Even though I have been working from my new den (CR's old bedroom) for a while now, it's been slow going to get it squared away. I still don't have all my stuff from my old den up here. Just most of it. A majority of the work has been going through my possessions and sorting them. This seems to be the sorting method:

  1. If I don't want it, and it's trash, toss it
  2. If I don't want it, and it's paperwork, shred it
  3. If I don't want it, but think it's still useful to somebody, it's been put in a box labeled as such. So far the Heare kids are going to get many toys, and I have to sneak this past their parents, because with 4 kids, they have far too many toys as it is. They have even expressly asked not to give their kids any more toys. Of course I have to disobey this, it's my job as the "fun Uncle."
  4. If I do want it, but can't let go of it for emotional bullshit reasons, it gets boxed and labeled.
  5. If I do want it, but I won't use it for a while, it gets boxed and labeled.
  6. If I do want it, and it's paperwork, it gets filed
  7. If I do want it, and it's not paperwork, but small, it's going in a universal "junk box" to be sorted later
  8. If I do want it, and it's not small... fuck, where am I going to put this? Try again from step 3.

Oddly enough, this isn't all that bad. I have generated a LOT of trash. Right now, I have more empty boxes than full ones. I have even had the "luxury" of throwing away cheap, torn, or stained boxes because I am keeping the more sturdy ones. A pile of empty boxes sits in one corner, waiting to be used, or given to anyarm and Brian, when the move out in just a few months from now (sad face).
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