punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hellboy 2: Seth MacFarlane to do voices

There is some interesting news about the new Hellboy movie
Seth MacFarlane, creator and voice of The Family Guy, was the only possible actor to provide the voice of Johann Kraus, the disembodied psychic entity who lives in a containment suit, director Guillermo del Toro told New York Comic-Con. "It was very difficult to find Johann a voice, to duplicate the wheezing and mechanical sound."

How Lobster Johnson Got His Name
"I was in Italy, and I woke up and said to my wife, 'I just came up with the greatest name for a character ever!' And she looked at me the way she looks at me, which is: 'yeah, that's great, honey.' Every once in awhile something just comes together. I can labor and labor to try to think of names, but the best one just came to me. Every time I met a new character, I would go, 'can I use Lobster Johnson for that?'
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