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Screamin' dill pickle

Screamin' dill pickle
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Pringles EXTREME Dill pickle. Jenny sent me this from her cell phone. She knowns my views on "Extreme" being overused these days.

I am not sure what they mean by "extreme" and "screamin" dill pickle. I would imagine it would be so salty, the back of your tongue would shrivel and curl. The dill flavoring would be so intense, it would be like you ate several branches of a pine tree and were sneezing a burning tree sap. You'd choke and gag by the sheer acidic volume of the vinegar, and as the concoction burned in your stomach, you would vomit something smelled like gin and gasoline. The leftover cucumber taste, almost invisible in a normal pickle flavor, would dry up your gums like raw alum. You'd be on the kitchen floor, gagging and choking between the vomiting and the dry as dust feeling in your mouth. Your eyes would sting, your nose would be bleeding, and your kids would have called the poison control center.

THAT, my friends, is extreme dill pickle. Screaming on the kitchen floor, slipping in puddle of your own frothy vomit.

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