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Some updates to the blogging... and answers to the mail

Okay, I have made some major changes on my diaries here so they are a bit more integrated with the new blog.

* I have reformatted the Pre-1996 through 2002 diaries to mesh with Greymatter
* I have fixed and reformatted the 2001 diaries (oh, posting them is only a year late)
* I have split 2002 into four parts, divided by season (the single file was over 130k!)
* I have made the menu of all the diary parts in the header of the main index page

Hope that some of my fans find this easier to read.

Mail Call
Okay, if I were able to list the two things I get mail on the most is my essay on Child Leashes (summary: I find them degrading) and my essay on "What is Punk?" (summary: it's not definable). Look, I am not going to change my opinions on these, and it amazes me how angry some people get about them. I am not posting them in fanmail anymore, because I say the same thing over and over.

But recently, my diary entry on "Coming to terms with my ugliness," last year has generated a lot of mail. I divide them into three main parts: people who think it's insulting THEM, people who think it's insulting ME (and tell me to stop), and people who think it's insulting in general. Look, I am ugly. I am okay with that. I am reclaiming the word "ugly." I am not saying I'm ugly for pity or to patronize anyone. I alone posted that, and saying I meant all people with big noses are ugly was not what I meant, but come on, how many fat, big-nosed, acne-scarred men with poor posture and glasses are used as male models? I can't think of one. All the male models are shirtless athletes with chiseled faces, six-pack abs, and seem to be looking slightly to the left as if to say, "I shy away from my obvious beauty." And if you look like that, that's fine. I don't. I don't even consider "ugly" to be an insult anymore than homosexuals look at the term "queer" anymore. It's kind of a cute word, actually, like "mooshoo" or "cookie." So stop sending me letters about that.

Also, thanks for the support about racism. It's good to hear that "I can't count how many Asian friends I have because I don't sort people that way," is not just me, but a lot of people out there. A Korean friend of mine added, "I never count how many white people I know, either." And I am sure the letters about "How to tell where someone is from in Asia by face," were well-meaning, but don't be offended if I didn't take them seriously. Maybe they would have made more sense in 1910, but in today's modern world where people mix and move so much, it's a pointless endeavor. Not all redheads with green eyes are Irish Catholics, you know. I freaked out a little there because of the hate I got off this one site, but it's over now, and maybe got some people to think a little.

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