punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Shutter Paranoia

I was reading yet another story about some poor photographer being hassled by authorities. While this has been a phenomena in the US for a while, much more since 9/11, in the UK it's been on the rise recently due to an ad campaign by the police. Unlike some slightly less paranoid campaigns from World War II, this has the citizens of the UK turning upon themselves.

This is what the terrorists want. It's how they get the name, "Terrorists." They promote and spread terror to disrupt people, governments, and countries they don't like, usually with terrorizing methods like bombs. Terror comes from the Latin word "terrere," which means to frighten or scare badly.

What concerns me is that these stories seem to bring out two facts:

1. Police don't know the law, and enforce based on personal feelings
2. If places are allowed to photograph us, but we're not allowed to photograph them, that's a very unfair advantage.

Here's some US examples exaggerated to the point of being silly:

Tags: civil liberties, civil rights, photography
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