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I feel like a bad person and the guilt won't go away

Okay, so I am at Super H Mart (a Korean supermarket), which is usually a madhouse but during the weekdays, the crowd is actually manageable. So I am going down an aisle, and I turn a blind corner around a huge stack of coconut milk or something. I swear I was being careful, because I didn't want to ram into the cans, but I struck an old lady and knocked her down.

She couldn't have been over five feet tall, she was stooped, and carrying a purse that was quite easily half the size of her entire body. It was like a bloated tote bag on her small frame. Well, I hit THAT, and it hit her like a bumper you see on the sides of boats.

Down she went.

I felt. so. bad. It sounds like a cliche, but I swear I didn't see her coming.

I tried to help her up, but another woman, I think a stranger, tried to help her up. The old woman was PISSED OFF. She was screaming at me, and from the looks of the woman, the old woman was using some vulgar words. I only got some of them, because she kept repeating them to me. Maybe one of you can help me out, this is phonetic:

- Chesobsa
- [G]Ki sayki

And a lot of other words. Maybe they are not swear words, but I can't Google this. Anyway the point is the old woman was mad and screaming at me while the younger woman was trying to help her up. Both spoke Korean to one another.

Then a store employee came by and asked what was going on. I was dying of guilt and embarrassment. I sputtered, again, I didn't see her and she was the same color as the cans of coconut milk (she was, she was wearing a pea green pants suit, and a white shirt, and the cans of coconut milk were pea green and white... even her purse was green).

He spoke to her in Korean, which calmed the woman down somewhat, but now she looked like she was in pain. I said I was sorry like a dozen times, it was an accident, and so on. My brain did that panicked "must go back in time" thing as I replayed the last agonizing minute repeatedly, trying to undo and examine on super slo-mo what I had done wrong.

The young woman and the man spoke to her, and I was frustrated I couldn't understand what they were saying. A small crowd of people had formed. Finally, the employee said, "You had better go," and ushered me away while the woman still shouted at me.

So I quickly finished my shopping. I noticed that another employee was watching me, and trying to be discrete enough to not look like he was following me to others, but wanted ME to know I was being followed. Agonizingly, I got in a line that had this young Asian couple who were complete nitpickers and driving the cashier crazy. First, they had like 4 price checks. Then one of the bags of dried something got caught in the conveyor belt, so she wanted a new one. Then the woman wanted to see the receipt and count the items for herself; something was just not right. Finally, they left, but halfway though the customer ahead of me, the woman came back and said she had been overcharged for something in line item number whatever. The cashier said to speak to the manager, and the woman said, "I don't want to speak to the manager, you rang me up, not him. You fix it!" Holy cow, what a bitch. So the cashier had to page the manager, and the manager took the woman to the office.

The whole while I kept thinking people were staring at me. I have no idea if they were, but I felt so horrible.

I still feel horrible.
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