punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I had a good day, despite how it began

This morning, I was supposed to telecommute, but Verizon FiOS was down. This cost me a day's worth of work, which I'll make up tonight or Sunday or something. :(

The main reason I was working from home today was a good bit of news I can only allude to, but step 4 of 5 was completed today. This was the first part of an operation that fell into my lap a few weeks ago, and I won't know about step 5 until late next week or by the very least. Part of my win was that the new allergy drugs they have me on... which actually one of my old ones... is working great. I am off of Zyrtec and now on Allegra.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Ironman, and then the DC Rollergirls at the DC Armory. I'll try and take pictures, but my camera sucks for all indoor venues. I might use my cell phone instead, which does far, far better in indoor light, but the shutter speed sucks which probably surprises nobody.

We also take care of Penny, anyarm's dog, while she is away for the week in the Grand Canyon. Poor Penny has a massive tumor on her leg which is cancerous, and no one is sure how long she has because it's inoperable, but her spirits are still good. We are also taking care of Stella, Brian's cat, in the guest room.
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