punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The last 24 hours have been full of win

My old pessimistic side used to feel that just before something really horrible happened, a bunch of good things happened to me. Like the ultimate letdown. Then I thought, "It's to prepare me for something bad that was going to happen," so like the White Queen in "Alice Beyond the Looking Glass," I freaked out about things before they happened, and didn't enjoy the good times.

I still don't know if the "let down" is coming.

But, the last 24 hours have been a wild ride, and I'll enjoy it while it's here. Like I said in a previous enty, step 4 of 5 came by on Friday. Then today, I got a Virginia Learner's Permit. Yes, as in driving learners permit. Look out, Virginia, clear the sidewalks! This will mark the fourth time I have owned one, which is pathetic, truly at 39, but never say die. My night vision is much improved, so I don't have that fear I'll get lost somewhere after dark. CR and I took the test together, but sadly, they gave him all the dumbass questions ("How long to do have to submit a change of address form?" and bureaucratic stuff like that) and he didn't pass by one lousy point. Well, he goes back after 15 days.

Then we saw Ironman, which was awesome.

Then I went out with Scarlet and saw our friend Denise work as a volunteer and DC roller girl in training. "Triple-D Licious" will be her name, and she finds out next season (Sept/Aug) what team she will be on. Go Denise! WOO! I also got to see the final championship between the DC Demoncats and Scare Force One. Scare Force One got the title with a score of 42 to 53. Scarlet was my cheerful companion, despite the fact she did everything on crutches. Apparently she tore up all the soft tissue in her ankle, and is in a brace until the middle of June. :(
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