punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wheezin' and sneezin' through lawn care

I did a lot of yard work today. I am not supposed to because of my asthma, especially in Spring, but my new meds were working so well, and no one is going to do my lawn for me, I went outside. I decided to take advantage of the fact it was a nice day, I was not on call, and I had no actual plans to be anywhere.

I did as much as I could before my lungs clogged, and I have to say, I did quite a bit. God bless you Allergra. There have been almost 2 years of neglect I have had to fix up. Nobody was really doing anything but mowing, and even then, mowing only MOST of the lawn. The things I got done today:

  • The East side of my house had been neglected for so long, a brown, wheat-like grass there went up to my chest and there were twiggy saplings that were taller than me. All those have been cut down and it's been mowed. Grass seed has been put down because the tall grass killed the grass below, leaving that part of the lawn yellowish-brown.
  • A place on my front lawn that was raked but a pile of leaves was left behind last year killed the grass in one HUGE spot the size of a small car. So I got up all those leaves, and put down more grass seed.
  • Grass seed that I put on other bare spots a few weeks ago is doing fairly well. You can't even see where they dug up the gas pipeline anymore. God bless those guys, and God bless the rum. :)
  • There's a huge patch on the west side of the front of the house that has a lot of shade and dead leaves. I got most of those up, and put down more grass seed.
  • No edging had been done in almost 3 years. I did edging on both the front and the back yards, so my lawn is no longer trying to take over the sidewalk or driveway. I also got a lot of weeds out of the cracks.
  • There was a lot of leaf litter, which I got most of cleaned. I also removed many large branches until my back started to hurt.
  • I trimmed the holly bushes around my A/C compressor.
  • I washed the side of the house under the deck, and washed the patio there as well. I also washed off the lower half of the deck stairs.
  • I went thought the yard and cut down various sycamore and maple saplings that spring up everywhere. Most were only knee-high, but a few were almost as tall as my shoulders.

I have a lot more to go though. I actually have tall grass right in front of my house, but it hides the dying azalea bushes. I also have a lot of leaf litter by the front stoop that needs scooped up.

I did yard work like I might not be able to do it for a long while. A majority of my problems doing yard work involve my asthma and my back. I can only do so much before my lungs clog (especially when mowing or moving clippings/dead leaves), and being on my knees, stooped over, and lifting hurts like hell (always has, even when I was skinny; it's my scoliosis). When it's hot out, I have even less time to do anything because I wear out quicker. Plus yard work has to be done when I am not busy, not on call, or the weather is okay, which means it can't be raining or have rained recently. Which is why I did a fighter jet scramble today to get out there and do what I could.

I have felt so bad, like I don't deserve a house. I barely have time to do any yard work. There are no local kids here that do lawn work, having landscaping done is way out of my budget, and hiring some migrant worker from Home Depot (like my neighbor does) is dodgy and illegal.

I have considered asking my friends to come over and help. Like have a massive "help me clean up my yard BBQ" or something. But I feel bad asking that, and I couldn't plan the weather, obviously. Some friends of mine used to do that a few times a year, because they had a big property, but I remember hearing grumbling on both sides about the work, and people who showed up and ate the food without doing any work. It may be a social disaster.

What do you think, though? In poor taste? I will give you a bottle of rum!
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