punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hrmmm... The Cisco Card weighs heavily in my future

If I were a shaman, and I saw a crescent moon shape in several unrelated natural formations, such as the shape appears in a deer's footprint, then two bowed branches next to one another, then in crack in some rocks, I'd say that spirits were telling me something significant related to the crescent moon was going to happen.

And so it is with Cisco routers.

On Friday, I was having a chat with a fellow who was the head of IT at his company, He asked me, "You're a Linux guy. Can you answer the following questions?" They were about TCP/UDP, Half Duplex, VLANs and broadcast domains, and other router-based questions. I answered most of them correctly, and he said, "You Linux guys usually know a lot about networking. You know I just interviewed a CCNP who didn't know the answer to any of those questions?" That did surprise me, because they were very basic TCP/IP, routing related questions. The CCNP is not exactly an exam you can cram for. But he assured me that his recent hiring woes depressed the heck out of him.

Then this morning, I was called to our hosting cage by our network guy who said, "Which of these boxes can be turned off to conserve heat?" I joked, "Those blue/green ones, they are not mine. Kill them all!" He laughed, because those were some pretty important Cisco routers.

And then I just got a call from a friend of mine. Her friend's husband died rather unexpectedly. He had a home-based business that sold Cisco training manuals, and when he died, his wife started getting nasty calls about unfulfilled orders. His wife owns a commercial post office box center, and knows nothing about computers, or what the books mean, or who gets what books. I forwarded her onto Bruce (he knows her).

So... I see lots of Cisco routers in my future.
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