punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

On fannish names and my poor memory

You know, one of the slightly annoying things is that some people come up to me, or send me e-mail, LJ friend me, IM me, or whatever, and say, "Hey, Punkie! This is [fan name] from Katsucon Security/FanTek/Balticon..." Let's say the guy said he was "Grape Soda."

Now, maybe the name "Grape Soda" is a common fandom nickname, maybe it's not. It sounds familiar, but I am not sure if it sounds familiar because the name is a common noun or character outside of someone's nickname. So, I'll be like, "Heeeey..." hoping to God I can figure out who he or she is before it becomes evident I am an insensitive bastard who doesn't remember them. Because we fannish people are kind of a sensitive lot who see rejection as yet another blow to the head in our string of social disappointments, I don't want to be "that guy" who just blurts out, "I am sorry, but I have no idea who you are..." I fake it for as long as I can get away with, which sadly, is quite a while. Sometimes I try and add clues, like, "I can't recall the last time we met, how long has it been, man!" to see if they answer.

The problem is, if I fake it too long, I find it harder to back out and admit I forgot who they were. Sometimes, if it's over the cover of the Internet, I can do some research. Google the name... you know.

Today I had to do that. And I found his resume! What a bad idea to put one on a web site, but hey, I'll just download it and... his real name is... completely an unknown to me. Something like Joe Bob Smith from Frederick, and then I realize I don't know half of the fannish people I know by their real name. Rats!

And I really don't think people claim to be my friend when they are not, I am not that famous. This person probably does know me. Many times the light goes on, and I go, "Ooooohhhh! That's right!" when I find out, but now I have his real name, his fannish name, and where I should know him from and... no clue.

Sorry, "Grape Soda," if I seem a little distant until I do more research...
Tags: fandom, nicknames
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