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Ahfu is home

So, $1000 later, Ahfu is home and recovering as best he knows how.

He's on a boiled rice and chicken diet, which is fine with him as well as the other dogs. Yes, we have three dogs this week, since we're taking care of Anya's lovable cancer-ridden pooch, Penny. More on that in a bit. So when I got the rock, it was not dolomite as I was led to believe, but a depressing normal conglomerate quartzite, which is a very common sedimentary rock around here. No one knows how long it was in his stomach; it could have been a few days, or maybe a year, since he had the symptoms of something like this for a while that would go off an on. Twice we'd tink to call the vet, and then he'd get better. Apparently it bounced around his stomach, never getting into the intestines, which was good because once it would have gotten there, it's a mess to get out and then some of the intestines die, so he'd have to have them shortened... not fun. It's depressing because that's a rock he ate from the outside, and there's no way to keep every rock out of my yard. It was the diameter of a bottlecap, and about twice as thick.

I saw the X-ray. He's pretty healthy otherwise, which is good, because most modern Pekingese have only 5 ancestors from the late 1800s, and so there's a lot of inbreeding issues, like cleft palate, bad spine, eye problems, and so on. Yes, the breed dates back 3500 years, but the Chinese royalty were so protective of them, that often they were killed by their handlers if capture seemed imminent.

"He won't eat," they said, but that's because Ahfu has this abnormal fear of metal bowls. Really, even as a puppy, he refused to eat out of them and barked at them with fear. Once we showed him he'd eat from a plastic plate and our hand, they let us take him home. His blood pressure went down, but they want to check on it when the remove his stitches to see if he needs to be put on meds.

This week, while Anya is at the Grand Canyon with her fiancee and parents, we are taking care of her older dog, Penny. Penny is a terrier of some kind with a very advanced state of incurable cancer which had a HUGE tumor on one side of her leg like a grapefruit-sized saddlebag. They can't remove it or drain it because of the type of cancer that it is, plus she's pretty old, so it's just one of those "let her live her remaining days just dealing with it." And she does. It's apparent that her body is fighting off the infection with incredible force and determination, but when she's not sleeping, she's really active, happy, and friendly. So... no putting her to sleep anytime soon. It's funny how EASILY Penny has fit into our house. Even Widget doesn't care, and Penny is easily 2-3 times the size of Ahfu, and 5-6 times larger than Widget. Between the size of a beagle and a bloodhound.
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