punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

To my pals with tech certs

Can I ask you guys something? What certs do you have, and have they been useful to you? Like RCHE, RHCT, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, and so on? I am asking for real world recommendations, like, "I got this, it got me a better job," or "Never came in useful, but was really fun," or "I consider this cert many hours of my life I will never get back."

I am thinking of getting some certs in some areas that need a little back filling. For instance, CompTIA has a relatively new "Linux+" exam that I'd like to take, and I'd like to start with the LCPI exams as well. But I'm also kind of curious about the A+ and Network+ exams, since I seem to do fairly well on practice exams, although I am sure I couldn't pass the real ones blindly without some good prep work.

When I have gotten the prep books, I have found I am a little lacking in some areas that are "basic," but I have never actually had to use in any job I have. Like I am a little weak with permissions and quotas in Linux, for instance, because most of my setups have been my own personal box, and those that have shared with other people all pretty much stayed in their home directory. I recall a bad moment in my RHCE exam where I had to set up something that was not listed in my specs, and I was balking in my brain, "NOBODY would use [censored by my NDA with Red Hat] in a real server environment!!! Come on!" I lost valuable time trying to read the man page on it and get it set up. So it's difficult trying to set up, say, an NIS+ server and client when you are studying alone because you need a real-world like situation to really learn it.

I tried to get some people here at work interested in studying, but the reception was lukewarm at best, even when I promised Legos. I tried to start an "RHDA," for "Red Hat Dark Arts," because the 7th Harry Potter book had just come out, but it fizzed after a few sessions.
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