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Lousy f***ing luck...

So, a few days ago, my MP3 player disappears. This is cause for concern because I really need it to stay sane on the Metro. I had it Tuesday, and then I couldn't find it Thursday. I always put it back in my backpack in a special pocket, which is where I last saw it. The headphone wire extension was still there; I have an extension because headphone wires are often too short for my long torso, so unless I want to hold my Walkman/MP3 player with a crooked arm, I need an extension so the player can go in my pocket. But the MP3 player and actual headphones were gone. I know I didn't get it stolen, because I came home with it Tuesday, put it in my backpack, and noticed I still had my camera, which I took out and upgraded the firmware on; it has all these new options which may help it stop being a crappy camera, but that's another post.

I looked everywhere for it. Figured I'd give it a good look over the weekend. Losing my MP3 player is like losing my wallet; I *always* know where it is, so when I *don't* know where it is, that's really abnormal.

So last night, I decide to get ahead on my laundry work. I wash my stack of underwear, socks, and a Katuscon shirt I am wearing for a meeting today. As I start the dryer, I hear thumping. That's odd, I think. Why would socks, underwear, and one polo shirt thump? Sadly, my brain just went, "Well, maybe it's the zipper on the Katsucon staff polo shirt," and immediately forget about it.

No foreshadowing needed here, huh? I imagine you know what comes next. I don't even want to say it.

I have no idea HOW my MP3 player ended up in the dryer. Needless to say, it no longer works. I found the headphones twisted around a sock like vines on a fencepost. The player won't even turn on, and it was probably cooked since it was so hot, it was initially hard to hold in my hand.

It wasn't an iPod. It was a Cowon iAudio U4, a gift from takayla over a year ago and I *loved* that thing, because it could play OGG files, of which I have many. It had an easy-to-understand interface, and I didn't need no F***ing "iTunes" to put music on it; it was just like a hard drive. I hate iTunes. Hate hate hate because not only do they not have a Linux client (yes, I am aware there's a hack; I tried it on my Shuffle), their Windows client is a downright memory hog, a bitch to remove, saves stuff in some proprietary format that is hard to back up, slows down my boot time almost as bad as an AOL client, and generally a bloaty, piss-poor design.

Yes, I could but another one, but you know what? I am not exactly rolling in the dough here. I guess I'll have to find my older one with only stores 256k, or go back to the Shuffle, which I loaned/gave to takayla for the gym, so I don't know if I can get it back without being an ... well, I wish there was a better, non-racist replacement for this word.
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