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Oh, right, this is why I hated iTunes...

Well, takayla willingly gave me back the shuffle, and I have been fooling with it all morning. I know, I'll go blind if I keep doing that, right? I got this shuffle as a gift from an Ars gift exchange about a year and a half ago, and then I got the iAudio, so I didn't use it. I recall this was my first encounter with iTunes, and how much I hated it. This is my beef:

- It is currently taking up 73% of my CPU, and that's after I added my music.
- I can't just add stuff to my iPod, no, I have to have iTune "discover it," or import a folder
- That "import" stuff, and thank God I remembered this from last time, slows down the iTunes to a crawl. Last time, it froze the computer, so this time I am importing only a few songs at a time.
- The iPod doesn't like ogg files. Come on, it's an Open Source standard, Apple, jesus. I got iTunes to accept ogg with a plugin, but the iPod won't take it because even the most current firmware won't recognize it. So much for half my music.
- I have to bind it to this computer, and that's not so much an iTune issue (it could me, I didn't check very thoroughly), it's the fact the shuffle takes a proprietary charger/transfer device.
- Linux can read, but not sync. I think it's a PEBCAK, so I had to boot back into Windows for the first time in a week
- Because iPod wants to catalog things ITS way, my current folder structure is pretty meaningless
- Adding songs you just burned from disk or moved around folders requires a manual rescan

Oy. Of course, I may have to get used to this, not just because of the Shuffle, but if the rumors are true about the new iPhone coming in late June, the $200 new iPhone with the 2-year contract, GPS, and so on... it could replace both my MP3 player and phone, which I could budget for since I planned on getting a new phone anyway.
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