punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I got my My Balticon Schedule

My Balticon schedule is pretty light this year. I am really getting a badge to goof off, which I know is the case every year, but I always thought of panels as a way of them keeping tabs on me. I think I may help volunteer some, just so I won't feel bad. I am only asked to verify I showed up three times.
Fri 8 pm: Ballroom: See me at Opening Ceremonies, where I am sure they will just ask me to stand up and point me out with like 30 other people. They do this just for me, you know, so I won't be mobbed my a plethora of adoring fans (I can't say that with a straight face).

Fri midnight: In the "Derby" Room: Ghostbusting 101 - Moderator. You're kidding. I had a dream about this, and it seems my psychic lessons are sailing forward by looking at my past. That's no way to steer a ship!

Sat 1 pm: Garden - Who really wrote the works of Connie Willis? Wow, I better find out in two weeks, let me tell you. Considering she's the GoH, I better get cracking on that investigate to expose the fraud that she is. Hugos and Nebulas. Hah! I won a Huggo and Nebulous Award.

Come see me! Come buy my book from the MSD table. I'd do a signing, but they never have room... so come see me anywhere, and I'll sign your book, arm, boob, whatever.

Yes, stodgycat, I'll sign your boob.
Tags: balticon, con, convention, panels

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