punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Where's my hard drive?

I had a 60MB IBM Deskstar with some errors, and I took it out of my machine to look at it later and possibly fix the errors. Now it's gone. This is annoying. I know WHERE I put it, but that never helps, because it's not there. And I have a machine open and ready for it. But now it's gone. I know it must have gone SOMEwhere...

I also have too many computers now. I have a 486, an AMDK5/133 (like a Pentium 1), and two Pentium 166s I don't really need. I don't want to toss them out, because they do work, but I want to make sure wherever they go, they get used to the very last drop. I hate waste, but I hate clutter, too. My den is a mess!

[Edited a few days later]
I found it. Right where I knew I left it. I searched there like a dozen times. This is frustrating because while looking for it, I kept going back to where I knew I left it, and did not see it. I said to myself, "Dolt! You already looked there a dozen times, what, you think it will come back?" I said that to dissuade me from repeating such a redundant action. Well, it did come back. It went on vacation. Or was kidnapped by gremlins. Something. Argh! Now I will forever remember this as, "See? On the dozen and first time, it came back!" Then I will repeat this redundant action. Well, now that I have it, I hope I can fix it.

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