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Today in Dupont circle

So, today I went out to DC. Again. Which is good, because one of my goals over the next few years is to re-connect with DC since every time I go out, there's stuff that's all new and junk.

I went out with shuttergal, a childhood friend from literally kindergarten. We spoke about art, high school, mental hospitals, and a former principal we all hated. We went to and hung out at "Teasim," a kind of combination teahouse and short-order grill that served gourmet stuff. I had a really good time, and had real chai for the first time (not the fake chai I have gotten at Starbucks and Duncan Donuts). This was good for my head cold, which had my ears so clogged up, I think I was shouting a lot.

The Metro ride to and back was completely uneventful. I only point that out because it's getting rarer these days where a Metro ride to and back is uneventful. I know they were doing work on the Green, Red, and Yellow lines, but it didn't affect me.

I finished "The Last Unicorn" last night. Since I hadn't read the book since I was 10, it was almost like reading a new book, but a book that you felt was already done by somebody once. The feel of the book was very ethereal, especially towards the end, when a lot of similes and metaphors kept sloshing about. I couldn't help but wonder if the Red Bull energy drink was named after the character. It was funny what parts I remembered and what parts I had forgotten. I remembered the end pretty well, but a lot of the middle seemed like a new book.
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