punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

21 Accents

When I was a kid, one of my "talents" was a variety of different accents. I couldn't possibly claim 21, but I love studying accents to this day, even though my emulation of various accents has gotten rusty.

One of the things I notice about "Amy Walker" here is that she relies on some stereotypes and "starter words," which a lot of us studying accents used. Like cockney "starter" for me was "'ave you seen mah nigh-vel?" where a program on the English language had some cockney man selling from a fruit stand. Most people have cockney starters with more common things, like "Gov'na" and "e're... you kahnt eat thet! I'll be barney row-bul."

Accents I am trying to learn are "Merlin" (local Baltimore Maryland accent) and what I was told was "Manchester," which I can't swear to, but it's common to the accent "Bubbles" has in this video clip. I like how some accents seem related like "Liverpool" (think John Lennon) and Irish have similar mouth shapes. Bubbles has Scottish roots, it seems.
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