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Balticon - Day 2 (with Day 1 additives)

Before I start:
Why are you not at Balticon???
Please disregard this if you are at Balticon

What happened with Day 1? I didn't have Internet access until now, and I'd like to graciously thank a Katsu staff person who let me have their access today.

My adventure started Friday morning when a 40 minute Metro ride took almost 2 hours. Luckily, maugorn was late, too. He gave a lift there in his +2 Van of Driving, which should be listed in the DMG as an "artifact." I think many people would be daunted by riding in a tan van that reminds one why the 1980s were not good years to buy American vehicles, but this... this was a musician's van, and I saw it as a work of art, with happy memories of the past.

When the last time any of you had to "roll down a window?"

It was a massive thing where the interior had been stripped bare. I pictured this kind of van at Renn Fests and Pagan gatherings, as places to sleep, stay out of the rain, and just generally be all hippie like. It was a fun ride, and Maug and I spoke of music, Faerie festivals...

Man, Mike Brill is constantly talking and I can't type. I have to move somewhere else, and finish this later. I think I'll take a picture of this guy, because those who have not met him... he's a sight to behold.
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