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Balticon - Day 2

So where was I? I keep getting interrupted.

It's now much later. Past my last panel of the weekend.

Anyway, Maug gave me a lift, and then I arrived to meet MSD (tth and aylinn). I found out that there was no MSD table, and my weekend got even more free. I am staying with them in a suites hotel down the road a bit.

I wore my propeller beanie, and I had a matching one for CR, but he did not come.

I went to Opening Ceremonies, because they said that I'd be mentioned. And I was. As a kind of "A - Z" listing of celebrities that went like this: "Guest of Honor... [Connie Willis speaks then leaves] ...blah blah Guest Artist... blah blah... Ghost of Honor... blah blah... and a lot of other panelists from So-and-so to Grig Larson over there..."

"Yeah!" I said.

And that was that. :) They had belly dancing for OC, and so it reminded me a lot about FanTek cons where I was Emcee. I remember introducing Miraj, Amira, and a few others from troups. Then I went and had steak and potatoes with the Kaese clan, and then had my last panel, "Ghostbuisting 101," which was my big panel for the con.

I shit you not, guess who showed up? Adriene Reynolds! She came down from Joisey to represent Douglas Adams, having interviewed him in 1991? 92? Something like that. She carried a cup around with his "ashes" (some kind of colorful spice), and people kept putting stuff in it to honbor him. At the panel, it had some pins, a patch, and some Pixie sticks. You an FanTek may remember Adriene as the "podium" Costume Call Emcee who would take people (usually men) from the audience where they would be her podium for notes, hold the microphone, and so on. She was also the cheif editor for Gateways Magazine, the last magazine I have had a publsihed story in (to date).

Hey, as I type this paragraph? A cadre of female teenaged lacrosse girls are sitting around me. They like my hat. [giggle]

I didn't sleep well. I was in a couch a little short for my length, and it was hard to curl up. I fell asleep off and on from about 2am to 4am, and then finally got some deeper sleep until I woke up groggily at 7am. I had coffee and crumpets with clotted cream and lemon custard. That was f'n good, let me tell you.

BTW: According to Mike Brill, he has NOT been in a car accident, nor has he ever had a head injury (I was told he was in a massive car wreck in the early-mid 90s to explain his behavior). Both is parents died last year, however. That is sad, since he's an only child. And a die-hard BG (old series) fan. And thinks that the lack of moon landings since the 1970s has been the result of non-progressive thinking. I can't seem to sit anywhere without him coming up and talking to me. He has Apergers (according to him, which I kind of assumed). I heard his arguing down the hall a while ago about Star Wars and how the popular media ruined George Lucas.

Paul Fischer wants me in one of his podcasts after Balticon. Neat!

So anyway, I got to the con around 10 or so, and tried to get Internet access, which as you can see, I finally got due to the Hunt VALLEY Inn's poor password security. I did the meet and greet, trying to figure out what happened to thedreamymoon, since the night before she was rushed to the ER. She's recovering; she had some internal issues, and may return tomorrow (hope hope hope).

Now as I type THIS line, 6 or 7 year old girl, dressed as a goth fairy, just came up to me as said she liked my hat. She then told me her parents told her to meet them here. She is SO adorable, I took a picture. Later, I find out the picture is hopelessly blurred. I hate this camera.

I then was on a panel with John Henry (aka John Campbell), Bud Sparhawk, and a woman (I think an Editor of Weird Tales) replacing Jeff Lyman. The panel was called, "Who Really Wrote the Works of Connie Willis?" Connie is the GoH, and until Sue said I was on this panel, I must confess I never heard of her. I had to look her up on the Wikipedia, and that's when I realized I HAD read part of one book she wrote some years ago, "To Say Nothing of the Dog," which I considered rather dull and pointless that I stopped reading about 5-6 chapters in. CRAP! So I got some other books of hers to study. John Henry wrote me, saying Sue mistakenly thought he was the moderator, but assumed the panel would be a light "roast" of sorts. Then he sent me an e-mail later on in the week saying he found out he WAS the moderator, and thus would continue on the "roast." Having done roasts before, I had kind of done it in the light of she would hear about it if she wasn't there. So when she showed up in the audience, I didn't blink. But the other panelists had difficulty slamming this nine-time Hugo award winner in her presence. Connie is a good sport, and she was flattered, funny, and thank GOD she was there, because the four of us had maybe 10 minutes of material at best. It sort of morphed into a "mock Connie, claim she didn't really exist, while asking her questions" panel, which was fine, really.

Connie told us tales about a Hugo Award that fell apart and a company that wanted her to write in a compilation of "War of the Worlds," and do the short story, "as if it was written by Laura Engles Wilder," whom some guy may have never read, but some of you gals probably did as kids. She did, "Little House on the Prairie." I have no idea why Connie declined, I'd consider that a challenge. I might do it myself!

Anyway, Connie is pleasant, modest, and fun to have in your audience.

I spent some time with ninjacooter and her boyfriend, hung out with Ops for a while, hung out with Adrienne who wanted some modeling advice. As I type this LINE, I am at Volunteer central, stealing there electrical supply for my own selfish laptop battery charging needs.

I am having fun. There's a series of room parties tonight I will be browsing. I hope they don't suck, it's been AGES since I have been to a room party, and I want to see if they still give out stickers (back in the day, we covered the "clipped corner" of badges that showed we were underage).
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