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Balticon - Day 3

I am at aurienne, ironkite, and lord_zanther's house as I type this. I have already had a pretty exciting day.

Last night, I went to the room parties, which sadly, were pretty pathetic. I am so sorry, but some of those Worldcon bid rooms were as exciting as a VFW on a Saturday afternoon. Old people with caps, drinking, and mumbling about the youth. A few parties had people I was actively trying to avoid, so I stayed to be polite because I don't have it in me to wander into a room, see someone, and turn around going, "Oh good god, no." But I wanted to.

One party was okay. It was called "Bronx Babes," and advertised it as a "Pwarty," because it was done by an artist and an author of, "The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride," Mary Ann Johanson. I bought a copy of it, and had Mary Ann sign it, because... I am a totally geeky fan of "The Princess Bride." But then someone who talked way too much and was far too insane latched onto me, and well, that was the end of that fun.

I went to bed early, but didn't sleep until 2-3 or so. I have walked a HELL of a lot this con. My pedometer shows 73,000 steps currently, almost 30 miles, which I have tacked on since I left for the Metro Friday.

After spending time worrying, thedreamymoon was back today, under meds, and doing okay. She was grading papers, and I got intrigued and so I did some of those dittos myself to see how I'd far when I interpreted poetry. I got a 26/30, which I appreciated the honesty of my answers. It reminded me of when I got homework handed back to me as a teen, and the same familiar, "You missed the point of this question," line came back to me some 22 years later. Hah. Some things never change.

Some of those students, though? Really bad. Some don't get simile at all. One girl, whom I won't name but her name started with an "O" which she made into the shape of a heart, completely missed the point of using words to describe an unpleasant sensation. In fact, along with her dry and technical style of prose, "The girl fell into the mud puddle hard. On her butt," she drew a diagram showing this stick figure of a girl, complete with pigtails and a frown, over a squiggle labeled "mudd [sic] puddle." If you have to draw a picture, you don't get the point of the exercise, hon.

The highlight of the day before I got to the Hopkins house was I had a brunch/meeting get together with Connie Willis. Now I was a panelist at her tongue in cheek, "Who Really Wrote the works of Connie Willis?" and I decided to stop by (well, truthfully, I was invited) to complement her on being a good sport. And you know what? She *IS* a good sport, and a wonderful, entertaining person to boot. I spent almost and hour with her in the Podcast room, talking about writing, Hugos, cats, dogs, and being a female writer. IUf anyone gets a chance to speak with her in a small setting, I'd highly recommend it. She reminds me of Katherine Kurtz, in a way, when it comes to personal anecdotes. I hope I cross paths with her again.

Side note, I hope *I* get to the point one day where I can casually say, "I am Guest of Honor at three cons this year..."

I am spending the day with aurienne, ironkite, and lord_zanther, and perhaps later, Peter S. Beagle, his agent Connor, and hopefully thedreamymoon.
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