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Balticon Wrapup


Another Balticon has come and gone. This is the first con in a while where I didn't have to work as much, and I wasn't with family. I had a good time mostly, but I missed my wife and son pretty bad at times. I am used to having someone to "report back to," kind of like a home base. So I drifted more.

I would like to point out an error I made, takayla did NOT have a business thing she had to attend on Saturday like I told everyone. She just did not want to go. Having done Balticon night ops for years, she was just tired of the whole thing, and we go to cons for different reasons. But I got communication lines crossed due to a misreading of an IM conversation earlier in the year. It didn't help that we couldn't afford a hotel room, so she would have been miserable. I missed her anyway. So, sorry about that mistake.

Where was I? After being with ironkite and aurienne (thanks for the casserole and pizza, guys), I rode back with thedreamymoon and her boyfriend Tim to the con, and got sucked into a Vogon poetry contest with Adrienne. I submitted 5 haikus, and two of them were top "winners," if you could call it that. Ha ha. Take that, Frank and Vinnie's Con suite! Afterwards, I went back to the hotel.

I didn't get to hang out with Peter S. Beagle because he was really busy, but I spent a lot of time talking to his agent Connor, which was very cool.

Monday dawned and made the first 4-day con I had been to since Gencon a few years ago. Usually, I never stay the Monday of Balticon (and when Disclave had that weekend, I rarely stayed after Sunday either). I spent most of Monday hanging out with friends. I sat at Nancy's button table, which was awesome, and got to speak with merchant pals. I got invited to several cons, most of which I declined due to logistic reasons (time off from work, on call schedules, being away from family, and so on). But I found out that I am not going to Gencon or Triadcon this year for the same reasons: each con got bought out by a specific vendor, and those vendors don't want competing systems sold at the cons. So MSD won't go, and thus, neither will I.

I might have a way to Otakon, depending on several issues. That's a new development.

Then I was a "non-judgemental judge" for the Towel Fashion contest, teaming up with Adrienne as we did in the days of yore. By the time 2pm rolled around, tth and aylinn were tired and wanted to go home when their shift at the game room ended. So we left and they graciously went out of their way to drop me off at Shady Grove Metro.

The train left very late, and by the time we got to DC, the trains were over-packed full of Memorial Day tourists and a plethora of workers who don't get holidays off because they work retail, hospital, or otherwise pretty brutal jobs. But since it was a holiday, Metro ran holiday hours, which meant one train every 10-20 minutes instead of 3-5 like they usually do during rush hour. The Blue Line went down at Arlington Cemetery, causing a ripple effect on the Orange line, and some 8-9 year old girl had to hold onto me because the sheer force of the people inside had forced her apart from her parents, and she was too short to reach any bars. She gave me some book recommendations I was looking for for Scarlet, so that worked out for me, but I felt bad that so many commuters completely disregarded her. One guy actually rested his backpack on her head until I told him to stop. Man, she's just a little girl, folks! Have you no sympathy?

When I got home, stayed with Ahfu for a little bit, who is doing mildly better. He's really crabby because of the pain and all. Then I had to unpack, spend time figuring out why the Internet went down over the weekend (the Verizon router was broken, luckily I had a spare Linksys), and try and sort out all the notes and contact info people gave me. I also have a large backlog of books to read. The cats and dogs were happy to see me, and Taboo slept by my head and purred for a little while. I fell into a deep sleep and dreamt some pretty bad dreams, though. I have had a feeling all day like, "A storm is brewing."
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