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iPod review

Yeah, like most of my readers have had an iPod for a while now. I couldn't afford one, which seems wrong considering what I make, and I am working on that problem. So, apart from a few moments at an Apple store, I have never actually played with one apart from the Shuffle I got back about a year and a half ago.

So now I am trying to get used to the "click wheel." It's not designed for fat thumbs like mine, and since I have that dyspraxia, it's hard for me to get my eyes to look at the screen while my thumb moves about. But if I figured a mouse out, I'll manage this eventually. But the problem is that it's so damn small.

I'd like to be all, "OoooOOooh, iPod is popular, and I am so counter-culture that I will claim something outrageous about the decline of modern morality by Steve Jobs," I used to be like that, annoyingly enough. But I have to admit, this is pretty cool. Maybe not $249 cool, but pretty nifty. What a crisp, bright screen for something so small. It reminds me of one of those gadgets I imagined as a child as being futuristic to the point I want to go back and time and show my 8-year-old self how impressive this is.

"Ha HA! You are stuck in 1977, where a 'portable TV' is the size of two car batteries and nearly as heavy! And you only get black and white at that! Mwah ha ha!"

I have issues with the 1970s.

I still hate iTunes. I had to boot back into windows to activate/register my iPod, which took like 35 minutes because one of the things I have noticed about Windows is that if you don't start it in a while, you have to download a lot of updates which you don't really have a choice at. Windows updates, Java, Firefox, new anti-virus signatures, and even Pidgin and Quicktime/iTunes wanted to be updated. Then the iPod already had a firmware update, which then crashed iTunes and wiped out all my playlists (it's okay, I didn't really use that feature, but I had to re-import some 5800 songs just to copy them to the iPod). I swear, I only left Windows off for a few weeks! Yay Ubuntu!

I also realized, I need an iPod case. Possibly better headphones than these stock ones.
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