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Vegas Notes

I can't believe I haven't talked about this much, but yeah, tomorrow at this time, I'll be on a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada. So the "main event" is Anya and Brain getting married, which is an event in itself because not only do I walk her down the aisle, but I am also Brian's best man, and then when they get back from their honeymoon and Cancun, they move into their new house, and thus will mark the end of two years of anyarm living in our guest room. It still hasn't sunk in, yet.

A lot of our friends are coming as well. There's cyaneyed, stodgycat, and cheesy_reads. Stodgycat and his wife have already left today. I hope to spend some time with all of them. Tomorrow we get there and I don't know what's planned, I think seeing the show, "Love," which looks amazing. Friday is wedding planning, and Saturday is the wedding. Sunday I am not sure what's going on, and Monday is when we fly back (well, Anya and Brian fly to Cancun, lucky them). Because of various schedules, I fly back on a red eye Monday night, and travel alone way after everyone else is gone :(. I know I want to take Stodgycat to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton again, because last time we were there, I was rather sick with some ENT infection, and so I was a wet blanket when he suggested we do this Kirk/Klingon thing for DVD. Yes, and get Trek shirts (sigh, I am not that nerdy, I swear, but I was such an unfun person last time, I really owe it to him). I'd also like to stop by the Playboy Club at the Palms, just to be part of that experience. The other two things I'll try if I have spare time, and that's see the Atomic Testing Museum and visit the top of the Stratosphere Tower.

I'd like to tell you I'll take pictures, and I will bring my camera, but indoor shots are this camera's weakest point, especially large indoor space, and taking pictures in a casino is a big no-no. So there will be a lot of cell phone pictures (why does my RAZR have better ISO than my camera, why?), and probably not a whole lot of interesting real pictures otherwise unless I venture out during the day (which could happen). I can't wait to get a real camera. It's on my to-do list, but I have to pay down my credit cards first.
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