punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Aliens among us today? Wizards among the muggles?

People who know me know that I see things differently than most. I blame my dyslexia, but there are days where I just can't ignore the obvious.

I don't know why I saw so many people in downtown Silver Spring today wearing badly-fitting suits. I mean, it seems about one in 20 or 30 I saw on the street or in Whole Foods had really tacky, mis-matched, badly-fitting suits. One guy had a checkered suit with a blue bow tie, and another had a red suit with a blue shirt and clip-on tie. They all looked very odd, and did not seem to congregate, which might suggest a convention of sorts. And all of these people seemed very awkward, like they got out of your way like they feared bumping into you and being seen.

It reminded me of a D. Manus Pinkwater story, or perhaps wizards trying to be muggles in a JK Rowlings book.


Speaking of Whole Foods, I keep forgetting why I hate to shop there. During lunchtime, there's a huge business crowd, which makes sense since it's in the middle of the business downtown district. But why are there so many old people shopping at this time? I know there are some old apartment buildings around where they come from, but if I was a slow elderly lady, I wouldn't shop when the store was packed like a mob scene. I'd shop later. And many of them are so mean and crabby, especially towards the employees.
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