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Viva Las Vegas - Day 1 Evening

So, last night we saw "Love," the Cirque du Soloeil homage to the Beatles. Because this is "the big thing" for the Mirage right now, since Sigfried and Roy are pretty much never going to recover, the entire casino has this Beatles vibe to it, or at least attempts to, mixing it with the former "semi-tropical wild kingdom" feel it used to have. It still has the dolphin tank, the Secret Gardens, lions, tigers, and such. But it has a huge area for "Love," as well as the Revolution Lounge, a Beatles gift shop, and some more "1960s psychedelia" themed decor. I kept feeling like they are trying to sell my Beatles memories.

We ate yesterday at "Cravings," their buffet, and it was... bland. I mean, I expected a little better than this for $19.95/head. And the food made takayla sick and me gassy.

"Love" was good. It started out confusing, and I thought, "Oh crap. Like a live Fellini-esque show with no real point except they play Beatles music while people in drug-induced costumes hop around with umbrellas." This feeling lasted about the first 15-20 minutes. Then it got better. Then it got much better. I won't spoil anything, but I'd say out of the dozen or so "bits," there were 4 really good ones, 4 nice ones, and the rest left me thinking they should have let it bake for a while longer before pulling it out of the oven.

Then I went out with stodycat and cheesy_reads afterwards. I had to pick up some supplies, but we detoured to Freemont street for a few hours. After that, I took a long bath, and crashed.

I don't have too many plans for today except in the evening. I think it's pretty loose.
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