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This is bat country: Day 2

Power was finally restored to my house at like 2pm today.

Today was a kind of slow day. We got up late, and then we met down at the California Pizza kitchen with Anya and Brain. But thgen I needed to go meet stodgycat and cheesy_reads to go back to "The Star Trek Experience," at the Hilton.

Well, we found out that part of the casino was closing as of September of this year, right after the Big Trek Convention in August. So the setup was a little run down, and not very crowded. It had that "closing down shop in a few months" feel I recall from AOL. This was a little disappointing.

After that, I went back to the room, but was invited to go out with takayla, Anya, and Brian to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. That was a lot more fun than I expected, because you can touch and pose with the figures. Some of them are so realistic, it's creepy.

Then we ate at the Grand Lux at the Venetian, and was so disappointed with the service, it was unbelievable. First, they got our order wrong. Not like forgot to bring our appetizers, but our whole order was completely incorrect. The waitress didn't tell us, and so when the ... assistant waiter (?) came by and asked who got (some completely different dishes) we said, "Not us..." then an hour went by. Finally, after being there for 2 hours and the people on either side of us came, sat, got their food, got their dessert, and left... we got a little pissed. Anya went to find the waitress, who didn't know where the food was, and ... to shorten this story, we found out she ordered the wrong thing and now was going to order the right one. "No, we have to go. We have been here for hours," didn't sway the waitress. Finally Anya found the manager. This created a minor scuffle with the waitress, but in the end, we got an apology from the manager that was so intense, it slightly reminded me of the "Dirty Fork" skit from Monty Python.

Brian is sleeping in my room tonight, his last night of being single.
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