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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - Day 3: The wedding

Most of Saturday was letting Brian sleep. For brunch, we went to the Carnegie Deli downstairs, where we got served two mountains of sandwiches we couldn't finish. Holy god, they were huge. Then we played slots for a while.

My total gambling winnings thus far is about break even, maybe down $10. At my peak, I was up $40. Woo, yeah. Big spendah me. I never played more than a few slots, and I quickly grew bored. Anya and Brian played a lot of slots, and I think they came out ahead.

The wedding started at 5. At 3, I was calming his nerves that wasn't so much cold feet as disorganized nervousness. Then we waited for the limo to pick us up, which was about 25 minutes late. All the guys got in one limo, which was me, Brian, stodgycat, and Jason. Jason looked smashing, by the way, and gave us some pretty cool fashion tips. We arrived at the Chapel of Little Flowers, and waited in the common area.

The girls arrived shortly afterwards, and I had to keep Brain and Anya separated, which wasn't easy in the confined spaces. Finally, the moment came.

I handed Anya down the aisle, and stood with Brian during the short and sweet ceremony. The preacher was great, and the surroundings were tasteful and beautiful, and all in all, it was a great wedding. Then we spent the next hour and a half getting pictures done, which I should have on my Flickr account in a few days since we have the CD with all the photos.

Afterwards, we went to Market City Cafe at the Monte Carlo hotel for the reception. Our waiter was awesome, the food was great and voluminous, the wedding cake was delicious and beautiful, and we had a lot of everything left over. We didn't get out of there until 10:30 or so.

All in all, what a great wedding. Smooth, calamity-free, tasteful, beautiful, and I managed to make it without crying (although the inside of my cheeks, the tip of my tongue, and my lower lip are bruised in the attempt).
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