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Vegas quote of some kind - Day 4

Brian and Anya are married. Their honeymoon is in Jamaica, but they don't leave until late Monday. Most of the day I spent with Christine.

In the beginning, we hung out at the Stratosphere Tower, which I had always wanted to go to ever since I learned the disastrous story behind it. I got to see a lot of Vegas from high up, and I was not only impressed by the Las Vegas sprawl, but by the mountains in the distance. I swear, there are some heavy spiritual things up in those mountains. After that, takayla and I hung out at the dying mall downstairs. We got some massages and then hung out at O2, an oxygen bar. It's not so much some place to sniff oxygen (which did little for either of us), but they massage you and give you aroma therapy, too. The entire experience was overall positive, even if each part was kind of "meh." It helped having someone talk us through it all. The other patrons were there to cure hangovers, although I wonder how much of it was mental.

We ate at Stack, a fahncy restaurant that had really dim lighting. I had "tuna tacos," (har har) because I thought I'd get this mostly west coast dish in a more native form, only top find out it was another tuna tar-tar dish, which was GOOD on its own, but not really a classic "fish taco."

Later that evening, we went to Freemont Street until my poor legs gave out.
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