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Stayed home today

I worked from home today because I felt so bad when I woke up, I could barely walk to pee. My ankle was swollen, and my joints hurt, and I just went back to bed hoping I was hallucinating. I thought, "Yeah, I'd better see a doctor about this, this isn't normal."

But apparently, I just needed to spend time in bed. I feel lots better.

Things are still on track with CR's graduation in August. Assuming he finishes his one missing school credit this summer, he'll still be a 2008 graduate. His health is a lot better overall, and we think he'll be working at Starbucks down the road as his second job (his first was at "5 Below," when he got really sick). He becomes legally an adult in a little over a month. It seems only recently we celebrated his 10th birthday. And not long before, he was by my side in the woods of Reston, picking up leaves, and handing them to me. Most of my friends are childless, or have kids that are pretty young still. It is my hope that those who do have little kids that you spend time with them as I tried to, telling them what you do, what your ancestors did, and how to tell right from wrong. You'll wish you had more of those when your kids get older, which will happen so much faster than you realize. For those of you who do not have kids, or do not wish to, find a friend who does, and sneak them cookies.

djkangal posted in his journal about people who haven't grown up in 20 years. When I was a teenager, my life was so messed up, I felt the only way to get a handle on anything was to be true to myself first, and work my way outwards. Thus, I don't have many regrets of my own behavior in the last 20 years. I didn't do everything right, of course. In fact, I screwed a few things up pretty badly, but I plead ignorance on most of them and hope I learned something. But I agree with Mr. Kangal on some people still living a conscience-free existence, where nothing is ever their fault, and they are not responsible for their own direction in life.

With CR, I hope I have accomplished teaching him self-responsibility somewhat. Like most parents, I am not 100% confident I did everything right, and have now seen where I got some things wrong, ignorance or not. I am not sure what the future holds for this new adult about to be released into the world, but I hope that he'll make lots of friends like I have, and they are as tolerant of him as my friend have been of me. I have really been blessed to have the friends I do. As I face 40 this year, I kind of hope that when I reach 62, I won't look at my son at 40 and go, "Dammit! What the hell are you doing??" I hope whatever he does for a living, which will probably be technical because the Larson side of the family can't seem to get away from technology (and before that, carpentry), I hope he enjoys like I currently enjoy the technical field. But I also hope he gets married, has children, and passes on some of what I learned from my previous 20 years, plus any more years, so when I am gone, my immortality passes on as my grandparents and their grandparents before me. It it for this reason I always try to be honorable and true to myself.

"Grandpa? Why is there a plaque on your wall that says, 'Be polite and friendly?'"

"My dad used to say that. He learned it from a friend of his who ran these science fiction conventions. It was this guy's first rule for any list of rules, and it still rings true today."

"Why does the plaque also say, 'There is NO rule 6!'"

"I don't know either. There was some snake named Monty, I think, who once said there was no rule 6, but I never have trusted any list of rules beyond 5 because of that."
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