punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So, I have the flu

We think. Fever, joints ache, sniffles. Yeah. This sucks. If I don't get any better, back to the doctor I go next week or something. I had sort of planned this day to be with a friend of mine, uurdala (which is Mandalorian for "better friend than I am"), but she's has a lower immune system, and I don't want to infect her or her husband, or any of her six kids.


Ah... [wipes tear] That would be really funny in a dark sort of way to those of you who knew who she was, but since she's come back to town, she's been keeping low, and probably doesn't want me to blab to everyone. But it would be like me saying,

"Bruce and Cheryl are celebrating their eldest daughter's birthday today."

[sound effect of record needle skipping]

It feel weird because it's like half of me feels really sick, and the other half of me feels cheerful and ready to go do something. I am such a weirdo...
Tags: flu, health
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