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More housework

I started Father's Day with a decent scrub of the kitchen counter. Man, stuff had been there since, no lie, New Years, and possibly earlier. It was the "New Years 2008" decor I tossed (or saved for eventual use, like some paper plates) that gave me a date to go by. I need to clean my fridge. I have to take advantage of the fact we had to toss everything from the fridge and freezer due to the 50+ hours the power was out two weeks ago.

Then I finally tackled my e-mail inbox, which hadn't been purged and sorted since July of last year. Some of the stuff I saved were some corrections I had to make to my website. First was Joann Hankamer's actual outfit: the Army Reserve with the 1015th Maintenance Co. of Ft. Gillem, Georgia. Lisa Lee, married to the son of Jhoon Rhee wrote me and stated Michael Choe from my graduating class was NOT the small boy in the Jhoon Rhee commercials ("We don't even know who he is!"), but it was Chun Rhee, Jhoon's son (but the part about Meme was correct). Then there was a small type in my subnetting article, which wasn't a typo, per se, but a little ambiguous.

That reminds me, I want to get my Network+ cert in the next few months. My Network-fu is a little weak from disuse, and I want to shore it up. People, crazy people who I think have stared at the sun too long, say I should try for a CCNA. You people are funny. That exam beat me up so bad, I still can't poop right. I am also going to try for my Linux+ and LCPI 101.

I fixed all of these, plus some mail where people said I was a total asshole that I thought keeping small children leashed was cruel. I stand by my disdain to leash children, and none of the mail I got was very convincing. Often misspelled (more than I ever misspell), with poor grammar, they present their arguments with the kind of aplomb I'd expect from a parent who thinks of their child like some kind of animal. Some of it was so terrible, I wanted to post this huge mocking compilation, but I have decided against it for maturity reasons. Suffice to say, anyone who sends me this mail, the following arguments are invalid:

1. Number of children. stodgycat and cheesy_reads have 4 kids. None of them are leashed.
2. Children in crowds. You are tripping other people, and why can't you hold your kid's hand?
3. Prevent kidnapping. I would think a leashed child is further from you than one you are holding. One good knife can cut that cord, and give them a lead distance head start. Besides, kidnapping is most often a result of some known by the family anyway, and strangers snatching children are rare, and often target isolated children where a leash would be impossible (like walking home from school).
4. Hyperactivity. At age 5, my son had ADHD and was on Predisone for his asthma. Bitch, please. Don't tell ME what hyper is.
5. I must hate children. I have about 20 people right off the bat I can think of that will disprove that. I would also imagine if I hated children, I'd want them tied down as much as possible.

I also had a lot of e-mail I saved because I had to update addresses and everything. Many people have new e-mail addresses, new home addresses, and changed phone numbers. I also had massively purge all my old AOL contact list: what's it been, over 3 years since I worked there?

I again realized my website is so stale, even the Army would have thrown it out if it was a MRE. I really, really have to update it, but the LJ replaced a lot of what I needed a website for. It needs a massive overhaul from that late 1990s feel.
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