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Is this even street legal?

You know, as a kid, I loved this show. I guess like most kids, I liked cars that went vroom, but when I look at the detailed photos of this auction, I wonder if it runs, or if it's even street legal. Somehow this looks more like a knockoff than the real thing.

Auction for 3rd Season KITT car
If you were a Knight Rider / "KITT" fan back in the early to mid 80's you will recogonize this car! The Knight Rider TV series ran from September 1982 until August 1986. David Hasselhoff played Michael Knight opposite the real star, KITT. KITT was a 300mph, high tech, self aware communicative, man-made marvel, designed to aid and protect Michael Knight. Together with his human co-star, KITT fought for justice across America. This is one of the original vehicles from the series introduced initially in the third season and then re-converted to simulate the "Super Pursuit Mode" variant of KITT that debuted in the 4th season and was later used in the Knight Rider made for television movie (1984) and for exhibition and promotional purposes. One of KITT's many technologies. the "Super Pursuit Mode" was designed according to the show to give KITT a 40% increase in speed through the assistance of retractable airfoils and jet boosters. Inside, a panel of lights and screens depicted a look at the future of automobile technology - a future that exists in some ways today! This vehicle was most recently featured in the 2006 feature motion picture "The Benchwarmers" wit Adam Sandler. This vehicle was adapted for that movie by George Barris Productions from which it was purchased in 2005 (original add included) It was also featured on the Nick & Jessica Variety Hour. THIS AUCTION REPRESENTS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A WELL-KNOWN PIECE OF TELEVISION AND MOVIE HISTORY!

I wonder if "Super Pursuit Mode" is pushing your foot to the floor, and involves being in your footie pajamas.
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