punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Lights out again...

I am tired of the power going out in my house. I really am. I mean, I got UPS and stuff on my computers, but they really only serve as big surge suppressor with a 1-2 minute shutdown time, heh. I need more of them, at better wattage, and connect some to the router and switches so I don't lose network. The last time our power went out, it took more than 2 days to turn back on again.

I remain logged into my systems at work, and then *boop* I lose my ssh/nx connection and takayla's last statement was:

(3:49:50 PM) Takayla: it's very stormy here


When I lived in Reston from 1992-2000, we had maybe 4-5 power outages in those 8 years. Most only lasted a few hours or less. I was told that's because Reston's power cables are underground, but I am not sure how true that is. I think our house loses power about 4-5 times a year in Fairfax, and it's making me wonder if I should invest in a generator at this point. Not the $8000 yard-grabbing monstrosity Dominion Power tries to sell me in monthly mailings, but like a $400 Yahama or something. Yes, I know not to run it indoors, we had an employee here who did that and almost died.
Tags: blackout, generator, power, storm
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