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I always forget how to spell this word

Soiree: A formal party of people assembled in the evening (usually at a private house) . From the French word, "soir," meaning "evening."

I just wanted to share that with you, because I ran across it by accident, after giving up a search years ago.

As a dyslexic, I find it hard sometimes to look up various words, even on the Internet, and it's frustrating when your head has better vocabulary than your spelling ability. When I was a kid, I got told, "Look it up in the dictionary," by some adults, which I recall the most idiotic thing I was ever told when I asked for help. I found saying, "you don't know either, huh?" wasn't always a good idea, but it was a passive aggressive sting to some adults who wanted to be unhelpful and yet look superior at being so (I only used that again on a former boss who believed in saying, "well, how can you find that out?" was an acceptable answer to any question I had). But English is not easy, especially with a lot of other languages creeping into it that use the same letters, but spell things radically different. For instance, take a word like "pneumonia." As a kid, how the hell was I supposed to know it started with the letter "P"? I was looking for "new monia" or something for DAYS. I thought I was pronouncing it wrong, perhaps, like it was really "anumona" or something (I had that problem with "allergic" when I was looking for the non-word, "allergent").

Many times I have wanted to use the word, "soiree" in a blog entry, but all I knew was it started with the letter "S," probably, and I could never find the damn word anywhere, yet I knew it existed. I knew it was probably French, too, and so "who knows how it's really spelled," crept into my frustration. It could be as nonsensical as "Sorieux," or worse, and I knew it was pronounced "swar-ray," but I doubted it started with "sw." "Swaret," is a package manager in Slackware, so I knew it wasn't that, but trying to use Google to spell it was nigh impossible, I am guessing, because I didn't know the "soir" part or the "ee" part at all. So I ended up with a less poetic phrase, like, "I so I was invited to this swank party..."

Soiree... soiree... now I will have to find an excuse to use that word.
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