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RIP: Penny, 1997 - 2008

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Anya and Brain had Penny put to sleep yesterday. Penny was 11. A terrier mix, Anya had Penny since she was a puppy, and had her all through her first marriage. About a year ago, her ex, who sort of used the dogs as a bargaining chip, said he didn't want Penny anymore, and so Penny lived with us, or rather with Anya in the guest room downstairs, but we dog-sat her a lot. While I had met Penny before, and got along, it was her last year alive that I got to know her the most.

It was around this time we found Penny had a tumor on her leg. Anya didn't have much money, but after a few vet visits we found it was inoperable, and rather aggressive. They couldn't remove the tumor because then it would spread rapidly, so what started as a lump turned into a massive cyst, and then finally took over most of her hind leg.

Apart from the awkward saddlebag this poor dog had to carry, you'd never know she had cancer. She was active, playful, happy, and got along great with my cats and dogs. But last week, when Anya and Brian wee on their honeymoon, it was apparent that Penny was near the end.

The vet said the cancer had spread into her back muscles, and Penny was put to sleep yesterday evening a few months shy of her 12th birthday. This photo was taken a few days before.

I will miss her.
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