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More writing

Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time writing. I am continuing to write about those two girls who were attacked by space pirates. I have to think of a better title, but now the working title is "Eliza and Essar."

The names I got from Eliza, the old computer psychology emulator from the 1970s, and Essar was the name of a character in another unfinished sci-fi story I wrote called, "Essar and the Cayman." Basically the premise of this story has been fleshed out with a beginning, middle, and end, so that means a full plot has formed despite the fact the writing seems automatic.

I can't seem to stop until I am physically spent.

So far, the premise is two cargo ship employees, a captain and her navigator, are attacked by space pirates (a title that needs to change), and while they are rescued, the company they work for charges them with theft. The captain is a scandalous woman, like a female Han Solo, but far nastier and sarcastic. She is illegally smuggling on a company ship. Essar is the disowned, goody-two-shoes daughter of a family that owns a huge fuel empire on Earth, but also one of the best pilots ever to fly space craft. However, the fact she's a woman means she rarely gets promoted in the cargo shipping industry, bringing sexism into the 25th century. The story really got interesting when Eliza is sent to a corporate prison for theft, smuggling, and costing the company a lot of money, and Essar gets framed for murder. And that happens after just a few chapters.

I thought about the motivations and the plot premise in a strange moment of brilliance AI had while taking an ordinary shower. "Of course," I said, "what else would keep such an unlikely pair together?" No, they are not lesbians.

Man, I hope I finish this piece.
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