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Closet straightening

I need a housework icon.

I tackled our walk-in closet on Sunday, which had accumulated a lot of crap in the last 4-5 years (since I last cleaned it out). What made it worse is Latte has this *intensely* annoying habit of sneaking into where she isn't allowed, and then getting trapped in some room or closet. Then she will freak out, and by freak out I mean she will just start tossing things everywhere. When she gets locked into my den, she knocks stuff off of shelves, tables, and my desk. She'll go through my closet and try and knock over boxes. Artoo used to do this, which is why he was banned from my den. Except Artoo would start climbing over things and knocking them over while I was still in there with him. Latte waits until you have left. So Latte has gotten trapped in the walk-in closet twice, and both times she went nuts and pulled things off of hangers, knocked stuff off the shelves, and generally decimated the order in there until our closet was like a huge pile that sloped up at the walls. We had some artwork stored in there, and she ruined a piece I had by Venora Hagen as well as one of my favorites from Mark Mandolia. I also found mummified cat poo, which wasn't so nice. I gave the floor a good vacuuming, too, since there were a lot of feathers in there (not from anything recently alive, most were dyed purple, black, pink, and bright orange). I decided to put some bulky, almost never used items (walking boot cast, crutches, luggage we rarely use) into the attic, and I moved some low Ikea shelves that have casters from my den to the closet, so at least I have some shelf space instead of old copier boxes to hold seasonal stuff.

So now my side of the closet looks very neat and orderly, but as I write this, I thought of all the ways Latte will ruin that the next time she sneaks in and hides. Crap. :(
Tags: cleaning, housework, latte
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