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As stupid as my work can be sometimes, and a scant few people who work in it, for the most part my company and the people I work with are okay, despite the mergers and buyouts. I feel lucky about this, because I keep getting stories from other people about how bad their technical offices are or were.

Today I got this gem. A friend of mine who works in Portland told me that their new management is on some sort of security streak. As part of their efforts to prevent unauthorized tampering, they have asked that no one keep stuff posted in their cubicle that gives any technical stuff away. Sounds sensible, right? You don't want proprietary stuff on your cubicle wall, like passwords and IP addresses of sensitive servers. But these goons had no idea what was secure or not, and they tore down a huge poster on the office wall that showed the entire OSI structure of the most common networks. Now, for those not technically inclined, that would be the same as Ford motors not allowing pictures of cars on office walls, in case a competitor found out they use 4 wheels. They also forced an employee to take down a Map of the Internet because "it might give hackers the edge." Note, I linked something available to anyone with a browser. The Internet Map is no secret, or else it wouldn't work.

Another friend, years ago, worked for an office that was downsizing, and decided to merge hard-core UNIX-geek developers with the Internal Help Desk, since "they sat in front of the computer all day, anyway, why not let them get exercise and meet other employees?" Right. They also fired their testing department because they were "down on the product" and "not team players." Okay, they are supposed to find bugs, they are your TESTING department!

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