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Bye bye Sawa...

So, last night, we said our goodbyes to thedreamymoon as she hastily prepares her journey to Berkley to start a new life. She didn't have much, but she gave away a lot of what she had.

This is a good move for her. I predict and sense great things will happen. She's going because she got promised a job out there, which although it has not been confirmed, she has to be out there when they say "yes," and hit the ground running. Even if she gets turned down for some reason, she will quickly find other things to do. She's like that: very much of a survivor and very adaptable.

The going away party was fun. There was me, takayla, ironkite, aurienne, Bruce, Cheryl, Gwen, Sammy, Tim, and someone else whose name I forgot. Everyone was awesome, and I wish I had gotten to know Gwen and Sammy some more (I met Sammy at the Open Hearth Spirit gala last year). They seemed like very fun and witty people.

I reflected on thedreamymoon for a bit. I have known her since she was 9, although she was "a merchant's daughter" to someone I had known for a while. thedreamymoon was part of an... informal pact, if you will, to "watch over the children of fandom" by a common friend, Joann Hankamer, who has been passed away now for almost 20 years. She sort of bumoped into us again and again via FanTek cons. Our family really got to know thedreamymoon when she was about 16 and she started coming to beach trips with us. We stayed her friend through many trials and tribulations, as her home life wasn't very stable. She house-sat for us many times. We watched her go to college and graduate. As a friend, I am really proud of her. She's a survivor like I am, and I am so glad to see someone else succeed despite a rough start.

I'll miss her. Funny, we didn't see one another very much over the last few years, but we wrote, followed journals, and now I feel like part of my heart is gone. She was one of my Scorpion Sistahs (along with ninjacooter and fadedblackrose), so I'll always remember her around my birthday.

Good louck, thedreamymoon! God and goddess bless! :D
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