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takayla update: still working on finding a neurosurgeon

No news yet. I stayed home with her today, because she's tired and worn out all the time. She still has episodes of confusion, but they are pretty mild, like aftershocks. My view on it is that she's improving and almost back to normal, but there's no prediction if this is a one-time thing, or something that could happen again. This is extremely serious, and I think takayla has accepted that now.

The recommended neurosurgeon was, sadly, some guy who operated in a hospital very far away, so we called our doctor's office and are trying to get referral to one close to us.

Again, this has been medically determined not to be a stroke, micro-stroke, or anything related to the classic stroke of a blood vessel in the brain bursting, getting clogged, or having loud parties near the cerebrum. She's had a CT scan, had blood work, and so on and was ruled it out pretty quickly. It's definitely neurological. She has a genetic tendency to have these things, since her younger sister died from MS, her mother had severe and crippling arthritis, and she has osteoarthritis that has affected her nerves before.

People have offered to help, and I don't know what to ask for. Um, prayer? I don't know.

[Last update for today:]
- Doctor finally called back at like 5:15
- He recommended two doctors
- He also said, "If they don't get back to you right away, you come to my office tomorrow and get the tests started."
- He's not fucking around, either. Like most doctors (including my previous one who I loved but retired), he's a great doctor, but has a terrible staff, which explains the delays in getting back to us
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