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Update on takayla

Well, it's a mixed bag. On one hand the neurologist (who was a super nice guy, but a McCain supporter) doesn't think it's a stroke or epilepsy, so yay for no complications associated with that. He said it was the classic symptoms of an "aural migraine," which is like a shock to the brain (the same symptoms caused by epilepsy, but with different roots). They will do some more tests and deep scanning next week to make sure they didn't miss anything. The downside of this is there's no cure, and no warning it's going to happen again, if it ever does. So... that kinda sucks. She's not exactly pleased with this news, despite so many people replying to the diagnosis with positive enthusiasm.

Now I have migraines, and man, did I learn a lot about them today. I was diagnosed before my favorite doctor, and I never asked the last two doctors about them. Mine is more of a classic kind, with headaches and shocks that leave me partially numb and paralyzed on the left side of my body during the most extreme attacks (which I rarely have these days, thanks to medication). I learned about stuff apeyanne would have probably told me (if I had asked I am sure) like how the brain cells have a positive and negative side, how they can be "neutralized" and how they are essentially like capacitors. Suddenly, this part of my mind awoke with a "Zzzz... huh? What?? Oh, god! Save this info!" As a computer geek and troubleshooter, the human organism is just a vastly more complex computer to me.

She starts a treatment for the after effects tomorrow, and gets the deep scanning next week. Wish her luck.
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