punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A rant about my cell phone, and all mobile phones in general

I have a Motorola RAZR V3 mobile phone. I have had this model for several years now, and overall, I'd say I have been happy with it. But I should tell the truth in the fact it is the THIRD one I have had in several years. My first one died one day without warning. I had a "replacement warranty" on my cell phone bill that cost me $3.99/mo, and I have to admit, they (Cingular/AT&T) replaced my RAZR without hassle. The second one gave out right after I got back from Sweden: it booted to a white screen and nothing else. Again, they replaced it, but this time it cost $50 for a "deductible" because they didn't have my model anymore, but upgraded me to a V3. Bummer, but still cheaper than $400 at the time.

So now my phone is really having trouble. It randomly changes volume, calls disconnect when I press my face too close to the earpiece, and reboots every now and then. Every month, it picks up another annoying symptom. I had budgeted for a replacement a few months ago, and then they said the new iPhone would be $199 w/2-year contract, which was my budge. AT&T also says I am eligible for that deal. So I am "hanging on" tenuously, hoping my phone will last for just a few more weeks so I can get a replacement. I hope the iPhone is a good as I think it is. The complaints I have heard don't apply to me. For instance, "the e-mail function is not as good as the Blackberry" is moot, since I don't want a phone w/e-mail. Now that I have seen a lot of iPhones "in the wild" by a lot of geek friends, I feel confident in getting one.

One of the most annoying problems I have had with ALL mobile phones is not knowing when it's ringing (because of my hearing loss, noisy work environments, and I can't feel the light vibration on my current phone unless I am holding it in my hand), and amazing delays in getting voice mail. We're talking HUGE delays. I thought it was the Sprint Network at first, but after a few years, the AT&T network started having the same issues. This has led to some missed calls, and some miscommunication when I think a voice mail from a while back is current. stodgycat once got a call back from me where I said I would love to watch his kids the following Friday, and he said, "Actually, that voice mail was from a few weeks ago..." Most of the time, you know it's old, like one I just got this morning from my boss where he said he was late for a in-office training session due to traffic, and to stall the instructor until he got in. That... class was last month. I still get about 80% of my voice mails right after they are left, but I have always told people my voice mail is flaky.

The worst record is still Sprint. Their voice mail was so unreliable that I once got a call in October from the head of Katsucon registration that he had a pickup for me at the head of the escalators. Katsucon had been in Feburary.

My current annoyance is a recent one related to texting. I didn't really text people until late last year, and now I text people daily. But I hate testing on the RAZR because it's so slow with a numeric keypad and my chubby thumbs. I also hate using things like "C U L8R" except in dire pressures for time, because I don't want to come off as a gum-chewing airheaded teen.

Friend: My boyfriend dumped me, and I am drunk at a bar and need a ride home.
Me: o no! :( i don hav car. hop U feel btr, kthxbai!

I have macros that help, like "The metro made me late, and I just got out from the underground. I am 15 min away." While I know some people has issues with the iPhone touchpad, at least it's a fuller keyboard, and not hitting the #2 key 3 times to get the letter C.
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