punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

For sale - One car: Saturn SW2

I have a deal for friends of mine. I have a car, a 1998 Saturn SW2 wagon. I have been the only owner. This is the deal, I need to get rid of it. Now.

The good:
- The body and engine are good
- Cheap (very, willing to work deal with friends)
- AC/4-door/wagon/about 85k miles?

The bad:
- Hasn't been started in almost 2 years
- Probably needs alternator
- One flat tire

I need to get rid of it. It does not pass inspection currently, and due to financial issues, I wasn't able to get it to pass inspection because of the alternator issue. Car comes as-is, and probably needs towed (although two years ago we got it running, the battery just won't hold a charge for more than a day), cleaned a little (leaves, pollen, dust, etc), and needs a little work to get started again (I am sure).

It was great car, and I'd like it to go to friends over a stranger. Please send e-mail if you are serious about this. You know the drill, punkwalrus at yahoo dot com. Comments screened. I'll have it up for a week here before I go to strangers.
Tags: sale, saturn
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