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Update of takayla

So, yesterday was all of her deep scanning tests. In the morning, she had an EEG, then ultrasound on the carotid artery on the right and left side of her neck. Then she got a Doppler scan on her temples, eyes and the base of the skull. In the afternoon, I caught up with her to be with her when she got a 35 minute MRI where they scanned for pretty much everything.

The second the MRI machine turned on, all the iron in my blood rushed to the front of my head, and I passed out onto the floor. Apparently these vitamins I took were very high in ferrous minerals.

Okay, that's a lie, but it woke some of you up! The MRI was actually very dull, and takayla slept through part of it. The staff was VERY NICE, and I want to point out the Russian-accented technician was a sweet man, in particular. He knew how to deal with nervous patients, and let me sit in the room with her during the scanning. I read my CompTIA Linux+ exam prep book most of the time, looking for signs of panic, of which she had none. The only complaint she has was her shoulders got sore during some of the initial process, and the pressure waves made by this thing in the air actually lightly vibrated my exam book at first.

The scanning was just a precaution to make sure she didn't have anything else wrong before they prescribe "migraines" as the official reason.
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