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%$@#! tree cutters

So it seems... the tree cutters who finished the neighbor's sycamore job cut our Verizon fiber line today. So no phone, Internet, or TV until Verizon dispatches a tech tomorrow. I am ... "borrowing"... an open connection via a VPN to work to encrypt my session, which makes it slow as hell.


The green Verizon pylon in my yard was covered with branches and sawdust from the work, and since the tree was about 3 feet away on the other side of the fence AND I saw they dug up their yard to remove the tree roots, I put two and two together. At least the neighbor was nice about it. I spoke with her, and she said she was away all day while they did work. She was dismayed they dug up her yard, but says if any costs were incurred, the company she hired was licensed and insured, and she had their info. That's when she mentioned that they had accidentally cut a cable or wire on the other side of her house from me, but "it didn't seem to affect anything." I don't think it was my fiber, but it's hard to tell. Verizon is sending someone out aware that there may be a fiber cut.

She said she had the tree (and some others of her she pointed out) cut down because they were diseased, but didn't know what kind of disease they had. I didn't want to stress her my making her feel stupid, but I wondered just what disease they had, and who had told her that. I would think then my trees would be diseased, but... my trees look fine, except that sycamore, and that's because it's not native to this area. Maybe it's really "diseased." Heh.
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