punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Me and my iPhone... maybe

I don't have an iPhone yet. I kinda considered getting it today. Now I am kinda not considering it today. I checked my old Cingular status (expired contract, available for upgrade, iPhone for $199 a GO!), made sure I knew a nearby authorized dealer (Fair Oaks Mall, "We're not dead yet!"), and I told myself if it was all crazy fan-boy monkeytards outside who had to be first and were clogging the store, I'd turn around and go home. I want one, but I can wait a few more days.

Originally, I was going to wait a week in case any bugs showed up hardware or software wise, but takayla wants my iPod Nano (yes, the one I just won), so I was all, "sure, okay."

Heh... it seems... Houston... there is a problem:


The iTunes site is screwed up because their servers are either overloaded or broken. What does this mean? Not only can the phones not be activated in store (by fault) or at home via iTunes (by design), but those who had the old iPhone and downloaded the newest and much-celebrated 2.0 firmware upgrade (by choice) found that it that killed their phones because iTunes won't respond. Not only that, but AT&T's payment system has also gone tits up. If you have an old iPhone, don't download the new firmware yet.

The best line out of this is someone who coined, "It's the iPocolypse!" Hah!

Yeah... I might wait a bit...

In other news, I still have no Internet/TV/Phone and Verizon hasn't shown up yet.
Tags: apple, iphone, oops
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